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Liverpool Native Becomes Kickboxing World Champion

Kevin VanNostrand wins title of Glory Interim Featherweight Champion

Syracuse can boast being the home of the only current American kickboxing world champion when Liverpool native Kevin VanNostrand captured the title of Glory Interim Featherweight Champion this past December. He had to beat long time fighter Anvar Boynazarov in front of a sold out Madison Square Garden crowd, but the Central New Yorker delivered a knock out with a vicious left knee to his opponent’s liver.

VanNostrand is born and raised in Central New York and began training at only seven years of age. He describes himself as a “striker” and likes to use all his being when it comes to being in the ring. His trainer has called him a “quiet killer” due to the fact that many of is opponents “never see it coming”. Training partner AJ Regulbuto has been with him every step of the way and characterizes VanNostrand as a determined, talented athlete and a great friend.

While kickboxing is VanNostrand’s passion, he also works full-time to support his family at TJ Sheehan’s beverage distribution. However, this means training at the wee hours of the morning and working with his employer to be able to attend big fights. VanNostrand is quick to thank TJ Sheehans for being so understanding of his schedule and allowing him the flexibility he needs to become a world champion.

VanNostrand is enjoying this win and training for whatever comes his way next, even though he has yet to find out when his next fight may be. He’ll be ready to defend his title and continue to make Syracuse proud.

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Celebrate Kevin VanNostrand Day Every December 16!

by John O’Regan

Interim world featherweight champion Kevin VanNostrand will be forever remembered in his home city of Syracuse, New York.

This week the legislative council of Onondaga County, New York – of which Syracuse is the county seat – voted to declare December 16 to be ‘Kevin VanNostrand Day’ in recognition of his achievements in the sport of kickboxing.

VanNostrand clinched the GLORY featherweight interim world championship in front of a packed Theater at Madison Square Garden on December 1.

He won the title in thrilling fashion; his rival Anvar Boynazarov knocked him down around forty seconds into the fight and looked sure to finish him off. But VanNostrand’s iron will kept him in the fight and when Boynazarov hunted forwards looking for the finish, he ran onto a savage knee strike which sent him to the canvas in agony.

It was immediately clear he would not be beating the referee’s count; VanNostrand jumped up onto the ring ropes and celebrated his win, to the delight of his traveling fans. He now sets his sights on the unified world title in 2018.

“A champion is made from being knocked down, getting back up and persevering and succeeding. That is the definition of Kevin VanNostrand,” says his manager Amer Abdallah.

After the ceremony, VanNostrand declared himself “grateful to my community, family and friends” for their support and said the declaration of a day in his honor is “most humbling”.

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Thomas and VanNostrand Win GLORY 48 Bonus Awards

by John O’Regan

Kevin VanNostrand (17-1, 12 KO’s) and Robert Thomas (11-5, 7 KO’s) were the bonus award winners at GLORY 48 NEW YORK this past weekend.

Their standout performances were voted by an internal GLORY panel to be the most impressive of the evening and have earned them a bonus payment of $5,000 each.

VanNostrand’s finish of Anvar Boynazarov was declared to be the ‘Knockout of the Night’. If there was an award for ‘Comeback of the Night’ it would have won that as well.

The moment the fight started, VanNostrand went after Boynazarov with a combined string of attacks, dispensing with any kind of feeling-out process and turning things into a firefight immediately.

As Boynazarov edged backwards, VanNostrand launched into a flying knee and sailed through the air toward him. Boynazarov had timed it though and met VanNostrand with a left hook that sent him to the canvas.

It looked like VanNostrand’s night might be over there and then, just 40 seconds into the fight, but he beat the count and returned to the fray. Boynazarov swarmed him, looking for a quick finish, but instead found himself taking a savage knee to the midsection.

The shot forced him to his knees and as he knelt on the mat, face contorted in pain, it was clear he would not beat the referee’s count. VanNostrand was declared the winner by knockout after sixty-six seconds of fighting.

Thomas took part in the Middleweight Qualification Tournament and won two fights back-to-back to win both the tournament and the ‘Fighter of the Night’ award.

In the semi-finals he had a tough battle with Wayne Barrett, only securing victory when he scored a knockdown in the third round. In the final he met Mike Lemaire and again the third round proved pivotal, with Thomas landing an overhand right which ended the fight.

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VanNostrand Secures Interim Title with Potential ‘Knockout of the Year’

By John O’Regan
Glory Kickboxing

Last time Kevin VanNostrand was in Madison Square Garden he stormed a four-man Featherweight Contender Tournament, winning back-to-back fights in one night to put his name into the title contender mix.

He would have been challenging featherweight champion Robin van Roosmalen in the GLORY 48 NEW YORK main event but the champion suffered an eye injury which pulled him out of the bout. An interim featherweight championship bout was thus scheduled in its stead.

The opposing spot was taken by Muay Thai stylist Anvar Boynazarov, coming off a huge stoppage win over Fabio Pinca at GLORY 47 last month.

These are two of the hardest-hitting fighters in the featherweight division, with a string of stoppage wins to their name. The chances of finish were always going to be high, but nobody predicted just how quickly and how dramatically the fight would end.

VanNostrand blitzed Boynazarov as soon as the bell sounded to start the first round, dispensing with any kind of feeling-out process. Boynzarov matched his pace and a firefight commenced.

Having jump-started the fight, VanNostrand held the advantage and had Boynazarov on the back foot. Thirty seconds in, he delved into his considerably large bag of tricks and came up with a flying knee.

Boynazarov timed it. He fired off his trademark left hook to counter the knee and caught VanNostrand clean, turning the Syracuse man horizontal in mid-air and sending him to the canvas in a manner eerily reminiscent of his Pinca stoppage.

The crowd in New York was heavily populated by VanNostrand fans and they fell silent for a moment. He regained his feet and took an eight-count from the referee, insisting he was fine to continue fighting.

Boynazarov smelled blood and seized his chance, charging at VanNostrand and setting about him, hoping to finish him off for good. But as old wisdom has it, an animal is most dangerous when it is wounded, and Boynazarov found that out the hard way.

Crowding VanNostrand, he took a knee strike to his midsection. For a second or two more he carried on working, but then his central nervous system finally registered the force of the blow. Boynzararov turned away and dropped to both knees, face contorted in pain.

Several seconds in to the referee’s count it was clear that Boynazarov would not be getting up; the pain was simply too bad. VanNostrand turned cartwheels in celebration as his fans erupted in joy.

Once the official result was announced, VanNostrand took possession of the interim featherweight championship belt. It’s the first major title to go to Syracuse, New York but according to VanNostrand it won’t be the last – his sights are now set on a unification battle with Van Roosmalen early next year.

Kevin VanNostrand def. Anvar Boynazarov by knockout (knee to the liver). Round 1, 1:06 – for interim featherweight title

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Glory 48 Post Fight Interview


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Growing the ‘Circle of Love’

By Mark Scheer
Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

Amer Abdallah frequently travels to faraway places like Las Vegas and Dubai.

As far as the professional kickboxer and sports promoter is concerned, Lockport will always be home.

That’s one of the reasons why Abdallah, through his company, Lace Up Promotions, made a pre-Thanksgiving donation this week to help out the food pantry at the Salvation Army.

On Monday, Abdallah delivered 50 frozen turkeys to help ensure holiday meals for families in need.

“Lockport is home wherever we go,” Abdallah said. “Lockport will always have a special place in our heart.”

Laced Up Promotions has enjoyed success in recent years with various kickboxing events in Lockport, including most recently on Saturday when area residents packed Kenan Arena. Abdallah, 40, has enjoyed personal success in the ring here as well, earning the World Kickboxing Association cruiserweight title in 2016.

These days, Abdallah lives in Las Vegas and travels extensively to promote professional boxer and kickboxers. Abdallah, whose family moved to Lockport in 1985, said he frequently returns to the area.

Abdallah said he was looking for a way to say “thank you” to the community for supporting his company’s events in recent years and settled on a donation to the Salvation Army based, in part, on the organization’s reputation for success and integrity. Following a recent tour of the soup kitchen at the Cottage Street citadel, Abdallah said he was impressed by the volume of meals being delivered at the site, which is currently preparing to serve roughly 400 meals on Thursday.

“The bottom line is this is just a very small token of our appreciation for what the community has done for us,” Abdallah said.

Salvation Army Major Jose Santiago said the organization has enough turkeys to feed soup kitchen visitors on Thanksgiving Day and the turkeys donated by Lace Up Promotions will be distributed next month as part of the Salvation Army’s Christmas assistance program.

He thanked Abdallah for the donation, saying it is a prime example of the acts of kindness he’s come to expect from generous members of the Lockport community over the years.

“There are a lot of people in Lockport that help take care of the community. It is a circle of love in this community and we’re privileged to be part of that circle,” he said.

Photo Above

Salvation Army Major Jose Santiago, second from left, fielded a donation of 50 frozen turkeys from Lockport-based LaceUp Promotions, represented by Brian Marciniak, left, owner-operator Amer Abdallah and Joe Taylor, on Monday.

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