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Fight Results

Lockport Heavyweight Joe Taylor Improves to 3-0

Defeats Binghamton’s Tyler Bayer by Unanimous Decision

Lockport Union-Sun & Journal

BUFFALO — Promising Lockport heavyweight kickboxer Joe Taylor improved to 3-0 with a unanimous decision victory last week over Binghamton’s Tyler Bayer at the LUX nightclub.

Taylor’s promoter, Amer Abdallah, said Lockport’s next hope of a kickboxing superstar was not expecting to be back in the ring so quickly.

“I’m bringing Joe up the ranks the right way — the way I came up. At this stage, I’m testing his will, courage and ability to take direction,” Abdallah said. “Where we believe he’s headed, he’ll need to have all three.”

Abdallah reached out to another local promoter and respected fight referee Angelo Castricone, who arranged a bout with the 6-foot 3-inch Bayer.

“I knew he was a tough MMA guy, with an impressive 4-0 record. He had momentum going for him, just as Joe did. It was going to be a battle of wills and I needed to see how Joe would deal with a guy like him,” Abdallah said.

Taylor was noticeably the smaller of the two combatants as they squared off in the center of the ring for the referee’s instructions, but by the time the opening bell sounded, the Lockportian was in complete control.

Taylor’s crisp jab rocked Bayer’s head back throughout the early rounds. “I told Joe to let him know he’s in a fight fast. Crack him hard and early,” Abdallah said.

Taylor staggered the tough Binghamton native with heavy combinations and kicks, but the undefeated Bayer wasn’t going away without a fight. Bayer was able to weather the storm of the first round and tried to regain his composure in the second.

But Taylor was simply too dominant and wouldn’t allow Bayer to gain any momentum. “Every time Bayer threw something, Joe had an answer,” Abdallah said.

In the final round Taylor clipped Bayer with a solid right uppercut that sent him into the ropes. Taylor landed a barrage of shots that landed with authority and thuds that brought the crowd to its feet. The tough mixed martial arts veteran was able to survive all three rounds, but the winner was evident.

“I tested Joe on many different levels and he passed each with flying colors,” Abdallah said. “This kid is the real deal and I know his father, Johnny, is watching and smiling down on us.”

All three judges scored it 30-27, a shutout in Taylor’s favor.

“Amer views Joe as the guy who’s going to take the torch from him and carry Lockport’s name in pride,” said Team Abdallah manager Ahmed Imamovic.

“He’s got big shoes to fill, but we’re confident he’s the future.”

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